How to Choose the Perfect Suit Color for You

The first thing people notice about any suit is its color, which means that the color you choose for your custom suit will be a major factor in making a good first impression. There are a wide variety of factors that should go into your considerations for the color of suit that you choose. You want to be sure that your wardrobe has a good variety of versatile suits for all occasions. custom suits nj

Here are several tips that you can follow the next time you purchase your own custom suit jacket:

• Choose from foundational colors. There are certain colors that you can wear in any occasion. These are referred to as foundational colors. These colors are appropriate for any event, and have very few colors that they clash with. The three most basic foundational colors are black, navy blue and a dark, charcoal gray. Of the three, most consider charcoal gray to be the most versatile option.

• Choose for flexibility. Some colors of suits are more flexible than others. As mentioned, charcoal gray is the most versatile suit option, and can be paired with black or brown pants, shoes and accessories. Charcoal gray suits are also an excellent option for younger men, as it does not accentuate their youth as much as other various suit options. You should also stick with solid colors for the most flexible suit option. While pinstripes can add a nice appearance, they aren’t necessarily acceptable in all environments.

• Office and interview. If the suit you are purchasing is to be used in an office or interview setting, choose a navy blue suit. It best complements lighter skin tones and is versatile with all various body types. It is a traditional color, meaning that you will never feel out of place when wearing it in a work environment.

• Formal events. If your custom suit is to be worn at formal events such as weddings, funerals, proms or otherwise, consider a black suit. It is flexible with all skin tones and body types, and even has a slimming effect on many wearers. It is classic and elegant, making it the perfect standby for formal events.

• Casual events. If you need a suit for slightly more casual events, consider suits that come in earth tones. Brown is the principal of these, but various tans, khakis, greens and more are also appropriate colors for more casual suits.


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