French Bulldog – Fundamental Facts You Ought To Know

The French Bulldog, also called the “Frenchie”, is a non-sporting dog. They have a brindle, fawn or white coat and bat-like ears. The breed is known to have first appeared during the 1800s and bull baiting is the role they were first bred for. These days they are popular French bulldog puppies for adoption  as a companion dog. Qualities like their sweet temperament and distinctive ears are things they can be distinguished by. They’re known to have appeared in England and they have been developed from the original Bulldog, Pug and various terriers.

They are classified as a small sized breed. The recommended male and female dimensions are 11-14 inches tall with a weight of 20-28 pounds. Their disposition is well-known to be sweet, adaptable and well-mannered. They are usually friendly towards strangers, and this can make them unsuitable as a guard dog. The breed is ranked 58th compared to all other breeds when being trained to comprehend new things, and are tested as being fairly smart.

They are great (but maybe a bit enthusiastic for some) towards children, which can mean they are suitable as a family pet. Other pets like other dogs that are just as playful as them do mix peacefully with them. Taking care of their coat is a pretty easy assignment. They demand occasional brushing of their coat every week, and full grooming once every 8 to 12 weeks. They prefer a small yard (though is happiest inside with their family) so they have plenty of room, but can very easily be suited to staying in an apartment.

They are largely shorter-lived, unlike the majority of small sized dog breeds, with a life expectancy of 9-11 years. Their most severe health problem is heart problems, eye problems or breathing difficulties, and they’re also susceptible to obesity, joint diseases, spinal disorders, dry skin and sensitivity to heat. They can be entertained with things such as indoor play sessions or a run around the yard. To avoid the development of hyperactivity or other destructive behavior, they need average-length walks each day as a result of their moderate degree of energy.

You ought to be ready to give them plenty of attention and meet their demand for health care if you choose the French Bulldog. They are not the best choice for people with an active lifestyle, but perfect for families or retirees with time to care for a dog. Possibly the most significant reason dog owners find this breed so appealing is it can make a loving companion dog due to its sweet nature.


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