Assessing And Cleaning Textiles And Clothes

Fire can create both visible soot and invisible odor on textiles and clothes. It can be very difficult to remove soot and smoke odors for someone who is inexperienced. In many cases, dry cleaning is the recommended method to remove soot and smoke odors from clothing. This may not solve all problems, however, and can be hard to utilize for linens, curtains, etc.

Soot Removal

Prior to deodorizing carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and clothing, you must remove soot. This can be a difficult task to perform without the proper knowledge and equipment, as soot is oily and can stain easily. If you lack the proper equipment, it is best not to touch affected items until a professional fire restorer arrives and removes soot with heavy-duty vacuums. If you insist on cleaning the soot yourself, use a vacuum and hold the nozzle slightly off the surface of the item. Do not use vacuum cleaner attachments with brushes or upright vacuums. The brushes will force soot into the item, causing more damage.

Smoke Odor Removal textile testing equipment manufacturers

The odor from smoke can embed into fabrics if not properly removed. The same problem can be caused if cleaned before deodorized. Restoration companies utilize an ozone treatment to break up the smoke particles and eliminate the odor from smoke. This thorough treatment is recommended as most household deodorizing products will work only temporarily or cause more damage.

For items that can be bleached (spot test items that are colored), mix 4 to 6 tablespoons of trisodium phosphate (purchase at local paint or hardware store) with 1 cup of household chlorine bleach and 1 gallon of water. The items should be completely submerged and soaked all night in a stationary tub. In the morning, rinse with clear water and dry.

Cleaning Your Clothes

Many garments can be cleaned within one to five washings. Start by sorting the clothes by recommended care method, color and degree of damage. To clean your dry-cleaning clothing, seek a professional dry cleaner with soot and smoke removal experience. These specialists can also help you regarding items that you couldn’t clean yourself.


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